Thread Face Lift

Due to the unique design of the specially designed soft barbs or cogs of the threads, the surrounding tissues act to hold the threads in place without the need for visible scars. For the mid-face procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision close to the ear and the threads are advanced along the previously marked contours toward the chin and jaw line, thus creating a firm hold on the underlying tissues without causing additional trauma. The barbs or cogs do the work of holding, by being fixated to tissue as they are softly contoured into place.

Threads are ideally suited for younger and middle aged patients whose skin tone has started to become lax with time or sun damage and who don't want or are unable to have a traditional face-lift. Patients are assessed individually for their suitability.

It’s also used on the horizontal lines on the forehead, for crow’s feet around the eyes, and it can be used on the muscle that bring down the corner of the mouth and the neck. Its result lasts for three to four months. The procedure is quick and it takes 20-30 minutes, so it can be done on a lunch hour, and requires no down time.

The procedure is safe and effective when performed by a Dermatology practitioner who has been trained in these types of procedures. Threads can be used alone or to complement other facial surgery and non-invasive procedures such as IPL, Bot.Tox.Type.A or injectable Dermal Fillers.

A standard procedure (4-6 threads minimum per side) takes approximately 30-60 minutes.