Bot.Tox.Type.A injections use FDA approved purified protein which temporarily relaxes the muscle that causes wrinkles in order to diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Anybody between 18 to 65 years of age with dynamic wrinkles(wrinkles that appear with expressions) can get Bot.Tox.Type.A treatment to bring about significant cosmetic enhancement of their face without undergoing any surgery. Most of the facial line and wrinkles resulting from over activity of certain muscles can be treated with Bot.Tox.Type.A. It helps in relaxing the muscles and results in overall youthful look.

It’s also used on the horizontal lines on the forehead, for crow’s feet around the eyes, and it can be used on the muscle that bring down the corner of the mouth and the neck. Its result lasts for three to four months. The procedure is quick and it takes 20-30 minutes, so it can be done on a lunch hour, and requires no down time.

When injected properly by a trained dermatologist or Dermatology doctor, Bot.Tox.Type.A is safe. Because only specific muscles are targeted, your face will not be paralyzed, and you can still make facial expressions. On top of this, you will not look like you’ve had “work done.” You’ll just look like a younger version of yourself!

The downside to Bot.Tox.Type.A is that the results are temporary. Depending on where the treatments are located, it can last anywhere from four to six months. If used to treat excessive sweating, the results will last around six months; less if the treatments are done to combat facial lines and wrinkles. if it has been used to combat excessive sweating. However, these problems are temporary and usually go away within a week.